Kyle Hall’s album “From joy”

Kyle Hall, Detroit based artist and record label owner of Wild oats, is one of those artists with a unique soul coming out of his music. Simply put, his music stands out. I don’t know much about this guy, but he has released music since 2007 (according to Discogs).

From joy is an 8 track album with everything from House to broken beat. “Damn! I’m feelin real close” is a deep broken beat thing with a driving beat, but with a very mellow synth going throughout the tune. The other tune with a broken beat is “Able 2” which hints more of the 80s, with its funky 80s bass playing head part of it.

The rest of the tunes are very much Deep house music, although the best once are the more experimental tunes. “Mysterious lake” and “Feel us more” are the usual sounding tunes, although they will not really disappoint, they just aren’t very interesting. “Inverse algebraic” has sounds that remind me of the 90s with its techy and industrial influences. “Dervenen” is kind of simple, but has the off beat snare, a piano and a good drive it, which I quite like.

The best tunes though are “Wake up and dip” as well as “Strut garden”. The first  is hard defined house tune without the a kick to push it forward. It’s got a drive, but yet it’s mellow. And the different instruments, strings, piano and synth, kind of going in different directions. One is disco, one is more jazzy etc, but still they come together quite nicely. A great and confusing tune!

“Strut garden” is just pure euphoria, and by far the best tune of the album. It has a deep and wide sound image with some Disco-ish arpegiated synths coming in and out, and a nice melody to it. However, it’s the drums, in particularly the open hat and the off beat snare, as well as the funky but deep bass line that brings this tune to life.  Awesome track that never leaves the record box.

So in summary I would say this is a very well produced album with an experimental deep feel to it. Quite simply, a great album!

Laying your hand on a hardcopy might be difficult, so your best bet is at discogs (follow the links above). Othweise it’s available for digital download at e.g. traxsource.

Listen to a few selected tunes from the album below.