Tune of the week #4

From the Disco Halal Vol.1 EP comes this middle eastern masterpiece of a tune, it is Disco Halal – “Yasadim” (Mehmet Aslan Edit). It kicks of with Kicks, 🙂 … and builds initially with hats. At about a minute the sample starts coming in, I am guessing a violin. The rest of the time violin, accordion and guitar are battling for playtime, showing which musician can play the melody better. About in the middle, around 4 minutes in, there is a cool section with the guitar, not quite a bridge and not quite a break, but it sits just perfect in time. Without it the tune would eventually bore you, but it doesn’t. The melody would then continue for another couple of minutes until the same “break” as before is repeated, after which the sample would be faded out, ending the tune nicely with only drums,

It is an excellent tune in an super edit, for sure by DJs for DJs. A fact so obvious when looking at the structure of the tune. Perfectly mixable. Read about Disco Halal, listen to the tune here.


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