Soulastic Sunday #15

Sorry for the outage folks, my moving to another town took more time and energy that i did planed for but we are back with a new Soulastic Sunday again.

This Sunday we will cover a brand new EP from The Phantom’s Revenge called “Nine Thousand EP” and it is that hot french disco you really want to hear 24/7!.

This stuff was released on 12th Oct trough the label Of Unsound Mind so it is pretty fresh.

It has been a while since i listened to The Phantom Revenge , but if you liked the sound of his previous EP, Mental Geller then you will like this new EP for sure.

However, i would say that the new EP is more experimental in its style than Mental Geller EP.

The EP contains 6 tracks but it is one special track from this EP that i am really in love with and that is the first track on this EP called “The Phantom’s Revenge – 80’s Dating Show “.

You can get the EP in digital format only here