Synthwave Sunday #3

I have not posted a synthwave post for some time and with darker and colder times ahead of us  ( winter is coming!) in the northern hemisphere what can be better than a synth wave post?

Some months ago Studio Mule released Carneval-EP feat Miyako Koda  . Studio Mule which is a sister label to Mule Musiq has released various compilations since beginning of the this year.

Miyako Koda who is a singer and producer from Japan has been involved in groups such as Dip In The Pool and Love,Peace&Trance .

The EP Carneval from Studio Mule feat Miyako Koda contains two tracks with one of them is a extended edit.

The track has a retro future/italo style with those nice sweet 80s synth chords .

Studio Mule feat Miyako Kouda – Carneval can be bought trough Juno Records