Soulastic Sunday #13

Masterworks Music is a label based in Manchester U.K and was founded by DJ and producer Danny Worrall (also knows as 80s Child)  back in 2014.

Danny who was born in 1980 and in a era where you either go liking rock music or pop but was raised up with Prince , Michael Jackson , Stevie Wonder and that laid the basics of his style.

Danny loves everything that is 80’s,No wonder he goes under the nick 80’s Child !

The majority of the releases from Masterworks Music is on digital format and a few releases on vinyl/CDs but the quality of the releases is really nice groovy nu-disco

On Monday (2018-08-06) ,Masterworks Music will release a new compilation named Masterworks Music Vol 3 containing 26 tracks from various artists such as The Funk District , 80’s Child , Woodhead and many more .

I strongly recommend this compilation if you love nu-disco.

It can be bought on digital format only trough Bandcamp for £12.50 (17 USD).

I have added some snippets of my favorites from the compilation


[bandcamp album=[bandcamp album=4170072179 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=D56213 size=grande3]