Tune of the week #29

So, Tune of the week is back after a month of…. other things. A lot of things has been going on, but most of all I have put out my first release, which is a remix I have made of a tune by the group Josah. Check out the post here or head over to Bandcamp.

I think it is time though, we continue the Tune of the week posts, and this time around I would like to recommend “H 2 da izzo” by The Martinez brothers, which was released in 2012. However the remix by Peggy Gou that came out n December 2017 is a lovely Deep house track with a classic 90s sound to it. Some elements of this track is from “Deep inside” by Hardrive, hands down. The rhythm and feel of this track is addictively groovy.

Get your copy at BeatportRead about The Martinez brothers and read about Peggy Gou.






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