Pheenix Alpha – the vinyl press machine manufacturer

Some days ago SVT , the Swedish public service TV had an news report about the swedish vinyl press machine manufacturer Pheenix Alpha and the gaining popularity of buying vinyls.

The company Pheenix Alpha is located in western part of Stockholm and is owned by Niklas Poblenz and Per Sundberg.

The history of Pheenix Alpha began 11 years ago when Niklas Poblenz and Per Sundberg bought a bankrupt company who used to manufacture CDs,DVDs,Vinyls.

Their initial plan was not to manufacture vinyl press machines but they wanted to manufacture devices and instruments to the medical industry.

When they bought the bankrupt company , the vinyl press machines and the drawings of the machines has has been gathering dust for almost 30 years.

Time went by and they where focusing on the new company for medical devices.

Then,all of a sudden they started to get calls from US, Japan and Germany about spare parts for the vinyl press machines and if it was possible to buy new vinyl press machines.

Niklas Poblenz and Per Sundberg started to realize that there seems to be a big demand for both spare parts and new machines.

So they shifted their business focus from medical devices to manufacture vinyl press machines.

Today, Pheenix Alpha has 11 employees and has delivered 11 vinyl press machines and have a order backlog on 9 machines to be delivered to customers.

Each vinyl press machine costs around 150000 € and the customers are usually big record companies but also smaller record companies.

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